Our beginnings, the Umgeni Valley; our future, linking all Southern African communities to nature

Our wonderful green story began in 2009, in the biodiverse corridor of the Umgeni River Valley. Partnering with eThekweni Municipality, our work with the local communities drove our early eco-programme approach.

Over time, our Green Corridor hubs emerged across river, ocean and land ecosystems within Durban. They have become our incubators for ground-breaking social and environmental initiatives. Our collective focus has been on youth and sport development, open space management and restoration, and eco-tourism and learning. We’ve generated a growing portfolio of what we call Purpose-Projects, all concentrated on driving local sustainability, creating balanced habitats, and building community resilience.

Our story transcends the constraints of wards, borders and regions. We’ve achieved that by embracing eco-system thinking, and highlighting the interdependence of communities with nature. The renaming of Durban Green Corridors to Green Corridors speaks to this, and is a significant step in our organisation’s evolution. We work tirelessly to make connections between what we’ve learned from our local partnerships, to the neighbouring regions and beyond.

At Green Corridors, our purpose and ethos makes us strong partners and agents for the realisation of vibrant, sustainable and economically integrated communities.

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