Our Green Corridor principles are celebration, protection, connection, investment, and partnerships. In short, we balance the needs of the environment with community prosperity and resilience.

Our tools for delivery are teaching, restoring, growing, sustaining, programming and recycling. Co-creation is at the heart of what we do.

Celebrate and thrive

Durban and Kwazulu-Natal are naturally unique. The city and province share an extraordinary natural system, not replicated elsewhere in South Africa. Our valleys, rivers and beaches are signature features of our glorious coastal province, vital assets that so many depend upon for sustained livelihoods and business.

This extraordinary natural system acts as a place-maker, its distinct characteristics defining our identity on the world stage. We are determined to celebrate, protect and promote these spaces, recognising their significant role as the socio-economic base of the province.

Protect and thrive

Many of our communities live between the built environment and often-stressed natural open spaces. What could be valuable community assets become thorns in the communities’ sides. These green lungs become havens for antisocial behaviour, poor environmental management, and illegal activities, swiftly erasing any potential socio-economic, civic and ecological value.

Connect and thrive

Our public open spaces are where we connect with ourselves and one another. They are invaluable to community health and well-being.
KwaZulu-Natal’s rich natural landscape and cultural heritage are the perfect platforms for growing young explorers. These platforms centre enquiring minds, inspire the adventurer, and reignite the wild in us. Through our sport, cultural and exploration programmes (link to purpose projects), the value of these spaces becomes tangible and real.

Invest and thrive

A handshake between innovation and investment is crucial to the Green Corridors mission. To sustain our population growth and increased recreational use, it’s vital we manage the mounting pressure on open spaces and eco-systems. It’s equally crucial we respond to climate change and ecological health. It’s key that we offer economic value. Through collaboration across public and private sectors, Green Corridors is identifying, packaging, and selling the enormous potential of open spaces to align with investors’ triple-bottom-line.

Partner with us

We see partnerships differently. By employing a layered partnership structure, we look to ensure the sustained involvement of multiple stakeholders. This ensures we can survive the cyclical nature of commercial sponsorships and campaigns.

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